MBOX mail to MH mail convert utility (mbox2mh)

The mbox2mh utility is a simple perl script that converts an MBOX file or a whole directory structure with mbox files (as used in Mozilla or Netscape(c)) into MH mail format while keeping the directory structure. It also filters proprietary Mozilla or Netscape(c) chunk while converting. You can download the tool here.

For more information, type:

$ mbox2mh --help

This shows you following:

Usage: mbox2mh [-h | --help] [-i | --interactive]
        [-r | --recursive] SOURCE DESTINATION

Imports MBOX mail files from SOURCE where SOURCE can
be a file or a directory and imports them as MH mails
and directories into the DESTINATION directory. If 
DESTINATION does not exist, mbox2mh tries to create it.
DESTINATION can also be an existing MH directory which
is already in use.


 -i,  --interactive ask for every mbox file to import
 -r,  --recursive   include subdirectories in SOURCE
 -h,  --help        display this help and exit

Report bugs to vale@canada.com

Valentin Koch
Last modified: Wed Nov 20 12:39:57 CET 2002